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"Far away, there in the sunshine, are my highest aspirations. I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and follow where they lead."

How We Can Help You...

When you reach that moment in your life when you’ve tried lots of different approaches to making the changes you want in your life, whether it be to stop smoking or excessive drinking, to let go of fears of tight places or flying or driving, or maybe be calm in a world that seems crazy and you’re overcome with worry and anxiety…


You want to feel safe, you want to be healthy (or healthier), and you want to feel free to try new (or old) things again. And, you are ready to try something different… perhaps it’s time for you to try HYPNOSIS.

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It Shouldn’t Be Hard to Change Your Life…

Perhaps you’re wondering if hypnosis can help you, or you already know someone who has been helped with hypnosis.

Or maybe you simply want to find out more about hypnosis. You may be here because you or someone that is close to you has a behavior (call it a concern, issue, or habit) that needs changing.

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Spiritual Connections

It Shouldn’t Be Hard to Change Your Life…

Perhaps you’re wondering if hypnosis can help you, or you already know someone who has been helped with hypnosis.

Or maybe you simply want to find out more about hypnosis. You may be here because you or someone that is close to you has a behavior (call it a concern, issue, or habit) that needs changing.

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Personal Development

It Shouldn’t Be Hard to Change Your Life…

Perhaps you’re wondering if hypnosis can help you, or you already know someone who has been helped with hypnosis.

Or maybe you simply want to find out more about hypnosis. You may be here because you or someone that is close to you has a behavior (call it a concern, issue, or habit) that needs changing.

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Meet Willow

Hi! I’m Willow Sibert and I’m ready to help you make those changes. I have been doing hypnosis almost full-time for over 20 years. I am the President and founder of Peak Aspirations, LLC, and a certified consulting hypnotist trained through the National Guild of Hypnotists, NGH, the largest organization of hypnotists in the United States. I continue to research and train in multiple modalities including, hypnosis for all types of issues and concerns, meditation, mindfulness, EFT (tapping), and past life regression. I  was a member of the now defunct IARRT, the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies. 

And I have successfully hypnotized thousands of clients in both private and group sessions – in person and on the phone or video. Get started now...

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Our Clients Love Us

Smoking and Hypnosis

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me! I am on Day 12 of being a non-smoker and I totally owe it to you and being hypnotized! It was such a great experience in general. Both times I went, I felt so comfortable and left your office feeling great about myself and my life. It is crazy to me that I no longer smoke. I have smoked for 20 years and now I just don’t. It isn’t as if I don’t have small urges or challenges but you created a space there for me to make a choice.  I have discovered that the as long as I can tough my way through an experience once without smoking, the second time I don’t even think about smoking. Thank you. Thank you for your commitment to my health, happiness and wellbeing. I will be back!

Xoxo, Adrianne Gutierrez


I have been 48 days cigarette-free. ME! 48 DAYS! I can’t believe I am the same person I was before…I guess that is because I am not the same person. I am stronger and more healthy than I have been in 30 years and I am loving it! And my family is ecstatic that I am no longer ruining my health and that I don’t smell bad or keep them waiting so I can run outside for a cigarette. I still get cravings like any former smoker but they last only a moment and then they’re gone…poof! I live every day with the memory of cigarettes but not in a longing way…in an “I’m so glad that’s over!” way. I do not use nicotine gum or any other substitute for cigarettes because I don’t need to. In fact, I have lost 12 pounds in the last 48 days and am well on my way to my goal weight. I can run on a treadmill now. I can lift weights without feeling like I am going to pass out. Not only that, the terrible allergies I have had for years are almost GONE! I am more active than I was before and just all-over happy with the new direction my life has taken…the difference in me is remarkable in so many ways!

All because of you. Because you helped me see what I can really be, even at my age (49). I feel like my life is just getting started and am actually excited for every day to begin!! It is really amazing to believe yourself capable of feeling that way when you never could before..all because I spent a few hours getting to know my real self with you leading me there.

I have recommended your services to many of my friends and acquaintances and I hope they decide it is time to change their lives for the better like I did. With you, I know they can do it. You opened me up to a new life without cigarettes and I now truly believe I can do anything.

Thank you again, so very much. M.B


Willow, I can’t tell you how wonderful I’ve felt from the minute I walked out of your office for the first time nearly 5 days ago.  Sunday’s follow-up session was like icing on the perfect cake.  I wish I had heard of you years ago!  It means so much to me to be a permanent non-smoker.  It is amazing to me that I’ve been able to start this incredible new life – free from cigarettes – without the incredible stress and moodiness I have experienced in prior (failed) attempts.  I feel a level of empowerment and happiness that I’ve not experienced in years.  Every day is exciting and new, full of great possibilities.  I will succeed, there is no doubt in my mind.  Thank you for your wonderful work and for guiding me to the life that I really want and deserve!   You’ve got a great gift!    V.A.   Rio Rico, AZ

Hypnosis and Chewing Tobacco

I am a 50 year old man that has been using chewing tobacco for 20 plus years. My habit grew to the point that I was using 1 1/2 cans a day, every day. There was tobacco in my mouth from the time I got up in the morning, until the time I went to bed at night. My habit was extensive.

The problem was, I really enjoyed chewing but realized the risk of mouth cancer, and the possibility of death was just too great to ignore. Several times over the years I had attempted to quit, without success. Chewing tobacco was in my thoughts all day long, a risk to my health, and was a nasty, disgusting habit on top of everything else. I had to stop.

Coworkers had mentioned hypnosis as a means to quit chewing. Hypnosis had been successful for a couple of people we all knew. So, I called Willow, and after a brief conversation we set up an appointment. Upon meeting Willow, I felt very at ease. She took the time to fully explain what the goals of our session would include and what I could expect. Willow tailored a session that was unique to my experiences with tobacco, my feeling about tobacco addiction and the reasons I wanted to quit using tobacco. When the session was over, I walked out of the door to Willow’s office and made a statement to myself, “I don’t chew tobacco anymore.”

I had a second session with Willow two days after the first, which just further enforced the reality that I was now free of tobacco.

Has it been easy? Yes. I have found myself drinking a little more coffee than normal and chewing gum, but I still have not used chewing tobacco since my first visit with Willow. My wife, children and friends are much happier to see me free of tobacco. Willow used her skills to change the way I think about tobacco use, and the ill effects it has on my body. I am very grateful in the fact that I am now tobacco free. When anyone asks me about chewing, I simply say, “I don’t do that anymore.”

I am happy to say that I am still free of chewing tobacco and can say with confidence that I am done with that nonsense.


Thank you,  Mike Morgan, Paramedic and former fireman


When I first saw Willow, I was a worn-down man. The stress and rigors of my second year in law school put strain on my relationships with friends and family and led me to resort to destructive escapes, such as drinking and chewing tobacco. Although, I sought Willow’s assistance only to stop chewing tobacco, I left after only two sessions with an entirely new sense of calm and determination in life. I feel rejuvenated and in control of my life again because of her help. If you feel like you’ve lost the drive and passion you once held, Willow can help you seize the reins again.  Thanks Willow.

- Grant Wille


Hypnosis and Vaping (E Cigarettes)

I had been vaping off an on for 3 years. I would quit for a few weeks at a time only to pick up the habit again in times of stress or if I was around family who smoke/vape. I quit probably 20 times in 3 years.

I had one hypnosis session with Willow and that day I threw out my vape and have not picked it up again. The thought of the ingredients in the juice used in vaping completely grosses me out and sometimes even causes a gag.

I am so thankful to Willow and the work she did with me to stop vaping.

I’m really enjoying feeling healthier and not spending the money I used to spend on vape devices and juices.
Thank you so much Willow. 

PA Arizona


Hypnosis and Test Anxiety

I decided to look into hypnotherapy as I was not sure what else to do. I had taken a state exam 3 times in order to be able to continue on with my career path and each time came painfully close, but not close enough to pass the exam.  I began to realize that although the material within the test was tough I was developing  test anxiety and became more and more discouraged with each exam.  I had heard that hypnotherapy would help with test anxiety and I was willing to give it a shot.  Willow explained to me the process of hypnotherapy and eased my mind.  After two sessions I noticed a considerable difference in my overall outlook on life.  I began to believe in myself and took the test for the 4th time.  The anxiety built up each time I had taken the test as one must wait a month for the results.  This time was different as the hypnotherapy trained my mind to relax upon entering the test location on the day of the test.  I worked on my breathing and everything that Willow had mentioned during the session.  I left the exam feeling confident and quite pleased that I finally felt like I knew what I was doing.  I awaited the long 30 days to receive my results.  I PASSED!  I really, really PASSED!  I think the hypnotherapy sessions gave me the ability to believe in myself and overcome the doubt I was facing for the past several months!  Thank you Willow for your assistance!  Hypnotherapy is so calming and relaxing and I have shared my story with friends and family!  It is amazing how two sessions could help me with test anxiety and allowed me to continue on with my career! 

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!! A.K.


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